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Mothering the Mother is committed to helping our clients have the type of birth or postpartum experience they will love. Explore your options using one of our featured services.

Education and Classes

​We offer a range of quality classes, from childbirth education and breastfeeding, to baby wearing and cloth diapering. Whatever your plans for your baby might be, we have something perfect to offer.

Prenatal Care Coordination

If you're looking for the right PNCC coordinator, you'll find them right here. We offer education, referrals, support, newborn care instruction, postpartum screening, and even doulas!

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Doula Services

​Mothering the Mother provides birth and postpartum doulas. All of our doulas are fully trained and experienced, and able to fully support you during your birth or postpartum journey.

Lactation Support
Our team of experienced, certified lactation professionals are here to help you with your breastfeeding goals. We have both IBCLCs and breastfeeding counselors available, whenever you need them.