Are you in need of baby items and/or services through Mothering the Mother, Inc?  

If yes, then Mothering the Mother is here to help.  Our clients who qualify for Prenatal Care Coordination or Child Care Coordination Programs can earn points towards baby items and/or services provided by our organization.*

In order to qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be eligible for Prenatal Care or Child Care Coordination.
  2. Must not be receiving Prenatal Care or Child Care Coordination from another organization.  Other organization’s programs will not accrue points towards our program.
  3. Must be willing to attend educational opportunities offered by Mothering the Mother, Inc.

How does the points program work?

  • Apply online for our program.  Once your application has been submitted, schedule an appointment online to meet with us.
  • At the scheduled appointment a coordinator will determine if you are eligible for Prenatal or Child Care Coordination services.
  • If you qualify, a coordinator will go through your options for learning, and fully explain the program and point systems.
  • Start attending meetings / classes / educational opportunities and accruing points.**  
  • Spend your points on products and/or services through Mothering the Mother Inc.

* All points earned must be used within 6 months of accruing them. Points are NOT redeemable for cash and are NOT transferable to another person or another pregnancy.  

** Maximum points earned are 250 points per family per pregnancy

A maximum of 250 points is available per family per pregnancy through the PNCC Program. More points can be earned through the CCC Program for families who continue in the program after your baby has been born.

Individual Session Topics (earn 10 points per session):

  • Birthing Options: “What is available to me?”
  • Birth planning
  • Newborn care planning
  • Is my provider right for me?
  • Is my birth location right for me?
  • Prenatal exercise info session
  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Signs of preterm labor
  • When to call the doctor/nurse helpline/911
  • Signs of labor
  • Stages of labor
  • Medical interventions
  • Medications available for labor and birth
  • Natural comfort techniques
  • Labor support / creating the optimal team
  • Rebozo for labor
  • Partner massage techniques for labor

Group Sessions (earn 2 ½ points per session):

  • Learn your birthing options
  • Childbirth education classes (Your Class, Your Way - you choose the sessions)
  • Happiest Baby on the Block class
  • Hug Your Baby
  • Babywearing on a Budget class
  • Cloth Diapering on a Budget class
  • Breastfeeding / Feeding Your Baby class
  • Labor Support Techniques for the Expectant Mother and her Partner class
  • Preparing for Labor and Birth: Maximize Your Ideal Birth Experience class

Redeeming Points

Educational Opportunities

Prenatal Care Coordination

Individual/private classes and/or meetings will earn 10 points per class and group classes will earn 2 ½ points per session.  Families must be enrolled in our Prenatal Care Coordination Program to qualify.  Families in the Child Care Coordination Program will earn 10 points for each meeting attended monthly.

  • ​​10 Pocket Cloth Diapers (100 points)
  • Moby Wrap or Similar Wrap (100 points)
  • 12 pack of flat diapers (80 points)
  • Snappis (10 points)

Mothering the Mother also offers an infant clothing closet for established PNCC clients only.

Earn products and services


Mothering the  Mother, Inc  

What is PNCC?

A Prenatal Care Coordinator can assist families that qualify for the Prenatal Care Coordination  program with the following, at no charge to the client:

  • Increasing confidence and success during pregnancy and parenting.  We utilize programs such as "Great Beginnings Start Before Birth", "Strengthening Families" and more to help families have the best possible start.
  • We also offer:
    • Referrals to community resources
    • Educational opportunities in childbirth education, birth plan development, lactation/breastfeeding, postpartum mom care and new baby care
    • Ways to bond with your baby
    • Nutrition
    • Comforting baby
    • Stress management
  • Create personal goals for yourself
  • Emotional support (pregnancy and early parenting  can be a great time of change - our mentors are here to help you along the way)
  • Postpartum depression screening
  • Help families earn points towards baby items and/or services through Mothering the Mother, Inc (see below).
  • Plus more...
  • Postpartum mom care
  • New baby care
  • Babywearing
  • Cloth diapering
  • Breast feeding
  • Formula feeding
  • Happiest baby techniques
  • Infant massage techniques
  • Safe sleep
  • Babyproofing techniques
  • Pets and your new baby
  • Postpartum depression 
  • Your support network
  • Essential oils and your family
  • Family planning / birth control options
  • Overview of Natural Family Planning :   “Is it right for me?”