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​​Drop In Sessions (FREE)

Are you looking for breastfeeding support?  Are you having difficulty or just want to talk to someone?  We offer a FREE drop in session once a week on the Wednesday from 9-11 am.  No need to make an appointment....just show up for free assistance.

Individuals can also schedule an appointment to come in to our office for FREE assistance with a breastfeeding counselor.  To take advantage of this option please use the "schedule an appointment" button to the right.

One on One Support

Are you planning on breastfeeding?  Are you having difficulty with breastfeeding?  We offer lactation education, peer lactation support, and have a lactation consultant that can assist you with achieving the best possible start and nutrition for you and your baby.  

We have several women with lots of personal breastfeeding experience who can assist with encouragement, answering simple questions, and providing peer support.  For more complicated issues a referral to an outside lactation consultant is available.


Drop in sessions and phone support are always free!

In-home visit fees (call our office to schedule an appointment 414-446-7107):

  • Peer or Breastfeeding Counselor: $50 

Office visit if you would like to come outside of our free drop in session fees:

  • Peer or Breastfeeding Counselor: $40   (schedule your appointment online or call our office 414-446-7107):

We also offer a range of breastfeeding classes to suit your needs. Please visit our classes page to find out more about Mothering the Mother breastfeeding education.

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Lactation Support Programs

Michelle Hardy, Director (breastfeeding counselor)

Beth Rogahn (Board Certified Lactation Consultant)

Claire Prieto (peer support)

Heather Sutton (breastfeeding counselor)

Martha Wasserman (peer support)

​Rachel Crites (peer support)

Stephanie Umstot (peer support)

“The class gave me and my husband a better idea on what to expect and how to handle different situations that may arise. “ 

Jaime Jacoby


Meet the

Lactation Supporters

Lactation Support