Mothering the Mother, Inc

Health and Wellness for Baby and You

Health and Wellness For Baby and You

Are you interested in becoming a healthier you?  Then join us for Health and Wellness as we look at:

  • Skin care for mom and baby
  • Tips for mom on how to survive the postpartum period
  • Nutrition
  • Taking care of you so you can take care of others.

Overall goal:  Achieve a healthier start to motherhood and managing the postpartum period

Class fee: $40

Upcoming class dates - 


  • January 20th at 9 am*
  • March 17th at 9 am*
  • May 19th at 9 am*
  • July 21st at 9 am*
  • September 15th at 9 am*
  • November 17th at 9 am*

* When scheduling Saturday morning classes please be aware that class might be interrupted by store customers.