Couple's Massage Class

Couple's massage class is for couples who would like to learn another form of bonding and advancing their relationship.  

In this class couples will be taught non-sexual and easy massage techniques and will practice on each other.  Please make sure each partner wears (or brings along) shorts and a short sleeve shirt for ease in practicing the techniques and the following body parts:

  • head
  • arms and hands
  • back
  • legs and feet

This class is great for the expectant couple too as they prepare for the birth of their baby.  We recommend the class be taken at least mid-pregnancy so the expectant mother doesn't get too tired practicing the techniques on her partner.

Overall goal: Learn the art of providing a relaxing and soothing massage to your partner in a non-sexual way.

Class fee: $40 per couple

Upcoming class dates - 

​     2018:

  • February 10th at 1 pm
  • April 14th at 1 pm
  • June 9th at 1 pm
  • August 22nd at 6 pm
  • October 13th at 1 pm
  • December 4th at 6 pm

* When scheduling Saturday morning classes please be aware that class might be interrupted by store customers.

Couple's Massage Class


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