Cloth Diapering (on a budget)

A great resource for families who are interested in learning more about cloth diapering.  We talk about traditional cloth diapers as well as go over ways of using them with little to no cash investment. Topics included are:

  • How to use cloth diapers              
  • How to clean cloth diapers                                            
  • How to utilize upcycled materials, diaper banks & resale stores         
  • Tips and tricks  for making accessories                           
  • Inexpensive options for cloth diaper safe detergents and creams

Overall goal: Be ready to jump on board the eco-friendly way of diapering your baby... and do so confidently on a budget!​

Class fee: $10 per family (day of the class you will receive a $10 credit per family to the store for purchases made that day - credit given only if class is attended)

Upcoming class dates  - 


  • February 24th at 6 pm
  • April 28th at 12 pm*
  • July 7th at 3 pm
  • August 25th at 12 pm*
  • November 3rd at 12 pm*
  • December 22nd at 12 pm*

​* When scheduling Saturday morning classes please be aware that class might be interrupted by store customers.

Cloth Diapering on a Budget

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