Babywearing on a Budget - "Exceeded my expectations! I got so much out of trying each carrier!  Absolutely, the choices of carriers can be overwhelming and having the opportunity to learn about them in person and try them on helps make the decisions about which ones to invest in that much easier."

Breastfeeding - "I felt prepared by this class for the first time I experienced breastfeeding.  Being made to feel confident in my ability to breastfeed because my experience in the hospital was the complete opposite so I'm glad I had this experience to support me.  It's a must-have if one is considering breastfeeding. It's better to be with others and way better than reading in a book or online!"

Preparing for Labor and Birth: Maximize Your Ideal Birth Experience ​- "I had not thought through the different stages of birthing before and it was a wonderful class to begin to envision my process. We did a very useful exercise in prioritizing our desires and I think that was a great opportunity for my husband to feel more a part of the whole process. It's way better than any book or website to be in class with others and Michelle is incredibly knowledgeable."

Tiferet Berenbaum, 2017

"Yes! We learned a lot of hands-on ways to work as a team and allow my husband to assist with pain management during labor. He also learned some tips about how to interact emotionally with a laboring woman :) Being able to try all the techniques that were explained - this is especially helpful for my husband."

Alyssa Pautz, 2014

Birth Preparation Class

"I would want other women to get the benefits I did during the birth of my son."

Ramya Kuchimanchi, 2015

Class Testimonials

“Michelle exceeded my expectations time and time again.  Even after my expectations were exceeded, she exceeded my exceeded expectations.  I think she made me feel confident in myself and my ability to do it and that everything I was going through was normal.”   

Melissa Brander, 2013

Mothering the  Mother, Inc  

"Michelle was very knowledgeable and had some great information to share with us.  I wish I would have taken this class the first time I was pregnant instead of the classes we took at the hospital. The hospital classes scared us and painted some very negative pictures. Michelle focused on the positive things you can do during birth and on positive outcomes."

Nicole Bulanda, 2015​

"I cannot explain how grateful I am for Mothering the Mother and the doulas who are gracious enough to provide their time, energy, expertise, and finances to help others. After all of the horrific things we hear about going on in the world, Mothering the Mother reminds me that the heart of mankind is good, caring, and loving."   

Melissa Black, 2011

Labor Support Techniques for the Expectant Mother and her Partner

​This class really gave lots of different support techniques - some of which I loved and others of which I learned are not for me.  Michelle was happy to answer questions that my partner or I had and took her time giving some context to each technique. Having Michelle actually demonstrate and then observe as we practiced the techniques.  We took a hospital childbirth class that tried introducing some of these techniques (specifically massage/touch and visualization), but did so without any context and without any feedback.  The exercises ended up seeming useless and hokey as a result.  This bad experience is what made me immediately start researching education alternatives so that my partner and I will be strong for one another during birth.  This labor support techniques class taught us so much more and also encouraged us to think of other things that might be of comfort during the laboring experience.

Claire Woodall-Vogg, 2017

"Learning the numerous positions that can be used during delivery. Also, the class gave my husband a better idea on what to expect and how to handle different situations that may arise."

​Jaime Jacoby, 2015