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Birth Doulas

“She exceeded my expectations!  We had an amazing and beautiful birth with our doula’s energy and support! She was very knowledgable and was able to answer all of our questions.  I really didn't know what to expect with this being my first baby, but we are so happy we chose to have such an amazing person by our side!” 


Mothering the Mother Doulas are chosen by clients either by attending a Meet and Greet event or through the doulas' online profiles.  It is important that the client checks the doula vacation schedules before making a selection to be certain you are okay with her availability (back up doulas are always available).

Included in the fee:

  • Doula Meet and Greet night
  • Free Baby Box (see Baby Box page for details)
  • Two private prenatal meetings with your doula:

              ~ Prenatal One:  discuss your birth wishes/get to know you

              ~ Prenatal Two: customized to your needs

  • FREE Classes (Over a $300 value if purchased separately) :

              ~ Nutrition, Warning Signs, Signs of Labor, Exercise
              ~ Stages of Labor

              ~ Labor Support for the Expectant Mother and her Partner
              ~ Medications and Medical Interventions
              ~ Postpartum Mom and New Baby

              ~ Putting it All Together: How to get the birth you want

              ~ Breastfeeding/Feeding Your Baby       

                       ~ Plus two of the other classes that we offer

                                Happiest Baby

                                HUG Your Baby

                                Essential Oils

                                Babywearing on a Budget

                                Cloth Diapering on a Budget                     

  • Unlimited phone and/or email support with your/a doula and Michelle, Director of Mothering the Mother, Inc
  • Physical and emotional birth doula support during your labor and birth 
  • Immediate postpartum support for approximately 1-2 hrs including breastfeeding assistance 
  • Phone call from a breastfeeding counselor approximately 2-3 days after your birth
  • Free Drop in Support for breastfeeding (FREE in office appointments can also be scheduled)
  • A postpartum visit in your own home from your doula
  • Ages and Stages screening (done in our office) - to learn more visit the ASQ page.

Complete Birth Doula Package Fee: $850

​Birth Doula Only Fee: $800 (includes complimentary labor support techniques class, so that we can be assured you are familiar with the techniques the doulas may use or suggest)



“This being my first child and me not really sure what I was in for, I would say that my doula exceeded my expectations in ways I didn’t know I would have!” 


We include over 30 hrs of educational opportunities and lactation assistance for no additional charge when you hire one of our doulas!  

We are your one stop shop for pregnancy and birth support!

What is a Birth Doula?

A birth doula is a trained professional who provides continuous support to help the mother and her partner through the labor and delivery experience.

Birth doulas can help answer questions or help the mother find answers to her questions. They can help prepare a birth plan, help with comfort techniques, are available throughout the mother's labor and delivery (whether it be natural, medicated, or a cesarean birth), and can also assist with breastfeeding.  
A doula can help the father or birth partner by offering suggestions on comfort techniques, get food and/or drink, give the father or partner a break if needed, and can also provide reassurance. A doula NEVER replaces the father or birth partner, but instead becomes an addition to the support team.