Mothering the Mother, Inc

Are you going to be a new dad?  Trying to figure out how to best support your partner through labor and birth, but feeling a little lost?  Then we have the class for you!!!!  

This is not your traditional childbirth education class and should not replace a traditional class.  This class is just for our expectant fathers to come and talk with other new fathers, and to ask questions in a lighthearted atmosphere.  This two hour session may cover any topic of interest related to becoming a new father.  Some things that we can talk about:

  • What to expect when your partner is in labor.
  • What you can say and do during each stage of labor to best support her.
  • What you can do if things do not go as planned.
  • How can you protect her space - be her hero!
  • And much more with plenty of time to ask questions.

Michelle will be present to answer technical questions, but her husband Brad will also be present to give a dad's perspective.  Did you know Michelle and Brad have 9 children together?  They know what you are going through, so come and ask your questions and learn from them!!

Overall goal: Help fathers be as prepared as they possibly can be for the big day and parenting.  

Class fee: $40 - pizza provided for dinner  (must have at least four participants to run)

Upcoming class dates:

  • ‚ÄčSeptember 1st at 6 pm
  • November 30th at 6 pm


  • January 18th t 6 pm
  • March 16th at 6 pm
  • May 17th at 6 pm
  • July 20th at 6 pm
  • September 20th at 6 pm
  • November 15th at 6 pm

Dads and Babies - 

A Session Just for Dads