Babywearing on a Budget

​​Babywearing (on a Budget)​​

Babywearing is beneficial to both the carrier and the baby... not to mention practical! It is a great way to keep baby near, calm and continue to grow  your bond while still being able to accomplish daily tasks. Join us and explore:

  • Different carriers and how to use them (families will have opportunities to try and various carriers as well) ​                       
  • Economical ways of making your own baby carrier​

Overall goal: Confidently keep your baby close with a reasonable carrier that works best for you; gaining the freedom to get things done and leave that bulky stroller behind!

Class fee: $10 per family(day of the class you will receive a $10 credit per family to the store for purchases made that day - credit given only if class is attended)

Upcoming class dates - 

​ *         December 16th at 4 pm


  • ​January 27th at 12 pm*
  • March 31st at 9 am*
  • May 26th at 12 pm*
  • August 2nd at 6 pm
  • September 20th at 6 pm
  • November 24th at 12 pm*

* When scheduling Saturday morning classes please be aware that class might be interrupted by store customers.


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